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100% of all proceeds is directly donated to organizations throughout Africa.

LA*MARELLA provides pure and authentic clean beauty that helps in changing lives of children and adults in need all over the world.

Giving back is the true heart of LA*MARELLA products. LA*MARELLA strives to give hope to orphaned children and adults by partnering with organizations throughout Africa.

Partnering organization help create a brighter future for orphaned, abused and vulnerable children by providing:

  • Food

  • Shelter

  • Medical Aid

  • Quality Education

They also transform poverty-stricken areas with uplifting projects that help develop communities through:

  • Building Housing

  • Schools

  • Orphan Centers

  • Employment Opportunities

We believe through education and training we can empower communities.

With every purchase you are helping to bring a brighter future for those who are in great need.

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