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LA*MARELLA Corp in an auxiliary of Dewrain Health (Pty) Ltd. established as one of the leading professional private label cosmetics manufacturers and exporters in South Africa and America. We have a great reputation for our professional and excellent production service and design capability.

Our business activity includes private label products for several of our companies in Australia, Canada, Europe, America, South Africa and across borders, ranging from small to corporate corporations. Qualitative and environmentally friendly formulas, combined with flexible production capacity enable us to offer our customers compelling promotional products and new retail product lines. We can create custom formulas to meet our customers needs and can utilize virtually any bottle size and shape or label type. 

We own an exclusive laboratory to carry out the product research and development. Besides, many types of analysis can be performed in our own laboratory employing precise instruments in order to assure the safety and dependability of the finished products. 

Well-experienced Formulation Researchers and Chemists to design innovative and custom formulations for you. Art Designers to give you suggestions on color combination, trends and creative ideas.


  • Our dedication to improve the working environment.

  • Well-defined workplace code of conduct to ensure better productivity through improved morale.

  • We never test our products on animals.

  • New product development and design is our field of expertise. From the procurement of raw materials, actives and essential oils to the  development of products we look for the best natural and safe ingredients to meet our customers’ needs and exceed their expectations, at the most competitive price.

  • Striving  to provide you with the most competitive prices.

  • We are equipped with injection machines to lower the cost of components.

  • We can provide a total solution, from design to finished products in order to save your man-power and cost.

  • Our team of experienced formulation chemists is the heart of our Research & Development Department. Our R&D team develops new product ideas and creates formulations according to market requirements.

  • Our Marketing Department works closely with the R&D Department to ensure that the increased market needs are met.  Our chemical laboratory team has repeatedly proven its ability to successfully handle the development of challenging and innovative ideas.


At LA*MARELLA Corp Laboratory quality is non-negotiable. All procedures comply with best manufacturing practice for cosmetic production. Our company assures high quality, innovation, pre-sales and after-sales service, as well as flexibility to accommodate our customers’ specific needs. Aiming to guarantee superior quality for both products and services, we focus on safety evaluations and on appropriate testing; We aim to be your trusted partner.


Our many customers have entrusted us with the development and manufacture of their private label brands of Cosmeceuticals, and toiletry products, and Nutraceutical thus allowing us to contribute to their commercial success and gain vital experience in product marketing and in positioning ourselves amongst the tough competition.

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